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How to Choose the Right Hosting Company

How do you decide the best hosting server for your website? What type of hosting service would be the best fit for your company? There are hundreds of cloud-based hosting companies that want to sell you their hosting packages.

But several questions need to be answered for you to choose the best hosting server and today we are going to cover all these questions to find out the best hosting provider for your website.

We are always asking our clients to choose a hosting provider but many times they don’t understand why they should choose the hosting provider themselves.

Well, we are offering an attractive web design service but we believe having the ownership of your domain and hosting on your hand will be the best solution for your business in the long term.

And that’s why you are reading this article today.

Let’s get started

Understanding the requirements

You need a hosting provider to host your website. Simple right?

But there are hundreds of different hosting provider and also they have different packages which seems more confusing to choose.

A web hosting company needs to be chosen based on a few critical components. It maybe look complex but the following points will help you to understand the requirements and decide the type of hosting provider.


This is where most people start when they’re deciding on a hosting provider. But while it’s a good place to start, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It’s important to remember: you get what you pay for. More often than not, the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Take a look at the fundamental needs of your site and compare hosting options that satisfy those needs first. Otherwise, you will likely end up spending more in the long run in terms of money, time, and even frustration.

Many hosting providers have cheap offers for first years but it will be doubled or tripled in several years so before purchasing the cheapest option always consider checking the renewal prices too

Traffic & Server Uptime

Most of the time people think that there will be thousands of visitors when their website goes online. They will get too many orders from clients or too many comments for their blog.

Well, it happens very few times. Surprise Surprise!

Even if you think your site will get too many traffic you should check your hosting plans limits ( YES, there are limits) Otherwise, your website will start to be slow and shut down eventually.

This is the worst senario and no need to be worried, You can always check your metrics from the control panel and If you’re close to the limits, then it’s time to update your hosting plan.

Ohh also there is another factor determines when your website will be live or not. When you start, you need to be online 24/7. That’s why you need to check the hosting uptime before you choose one. ıf it is 99.90% run without problem than it’s safe to choose.

Server Locations

Server location can decrease latency if it is closer to your users. A website will load faster if located in the same region as your users. If your website target audience is in the United States, you should choose a server instance within that country.

Guess what! Page Speed matters and it matters a lot. So before choosing a hosting provider, you should check their server locations. If the hosting company doesn’t have a server center close to your target audience so you need to consider other companies

Technical Support

This is a big one. If your site ever experiences problems you can’t fix, the fastest way to get things up and running is usually to speak with a real person who knows what they’re doing.

Make sure your host provides great customer service. See what contact options are available when you need help (i.e. toll-free phone number, email, chat, etc.)

So how to understand they have good customer service or not before purchasing? The answer is in the reviews from other customers who have experience with the hosting services that you are about to get.

Control Panel

Make sure your hosting provider has an interface that is easy to understand and use. If you have no idea about hosting control panel, you can always check youtube videos to see the panels.

If you can’t figure out what you’re working with, it’ll make building a website much more confusing then it needs to be. Tasks such as setting up email, configuring FTP accounts, etc… should be easy to find.

Key Features

Finally, consider what makes your top hosting choices special. Do they offer extra features if you decided to host with them such as regular backups, a free domain name, etc.

Are their tools up to date and easy to use? Do they offer upgrades and add-ons in-house to make it easy to expand your hosting account when you need to?

Also hosting providers have different packages which you can benefit from with a low cost. When you compare these packages you need to compare these features down below

  • Automatic daily/weekly backups
  • Free migrations
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Highly secure network
  •  Automatic software update
  •  Daily monitoring
  • Expert support;
  • Complete integrated caching

These are just some of the important factors to consider when selecting your web host.  We hope you find these tips useful. if so you can always share this blog post with your friends and help them to choose best hosting provider too.

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